Checkpoint ARAS is a testing center specifically designed for men who have sex with men and trans women, provided by people from these communities. At Checkpoint you can benefit from:

  • counselling for healthy sexual behavior;
  • rapid testing for HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Syphilis;
  • protective materials: condoms (various types and sizes) and lubricant (water-based or silicone);
  • advice on starting and/or continuing PrEP;
  • counselling for people newly diagnosed with HIV;
  • information materials;
  • medical counselling (by an infectious disease specialist);
  • linkage to medical services – we work with doctors who are open and friendly to the LGBTQI+ community;
  • Reminder – reminder system for returning to testing.

All services are free, anonymous, and confidential and are exclusively for men who have sex with men and trans women. Appointments are required to take advantage of any of them.

Currently, appointments are ONLY made by phone:

Checkpoint ARAS București –> 0751.010.539

Checkpoint ARAS Cluj –> 0751.111.017

Checkpoint ARAS Iași –> 0751.120.708

Checkpoint ARAS Timișoara –> 0751.120.840